5 Facts Why to Avoid Use of Foul Language

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Politics has educated us on a fundamental aspect of our society. It has also assisted us in understanding our participation in political processes and the use of pressure points to build into the system, which will give us the power to change the world.

But, how some of my friends express their opinion on social media regarding their political affiliation is disappointing and disheartening. Throwing good manners out of the window, they howl and hurl insults at each other, leaving a bad taste each time I read their posts.

My love for peace and coexistence and the experience of the events leading to the 2007/2008 post-election violence heightens my fear. What if Kenya experiences a repeat of the violence? I pray that I will be proven wrong. But, a section of my friends on social media seem oblivious of the dangers of their language and arrogance. It could be they don’t care about Kenya and its peace.

Here are some profound facts I would love you to take note of:

  1. Politicians change sides often and deserve none of the die-hard support you purport to give them.

  2. You never convince anyone through your insult.

  3. You are bringing the perceived war of words to your followers and friends on social media, most of who like you but hate your language.

  4. The language and attitude towards the perceived opponents heighten the counter attitude of hate, bitterness, and readiness to violence. And it's not because of the election results, but the bottled-up reaction to your violent language.

  5. Lastly, Kenya will be hereafter the 9th of August, and the leaders will be in their posh and government-built palatial homes.

Friendships and societies last, but politicking is seasonal. Keep that in mind as you air your opinion on politics. We need each other even after the August 2022 elections!

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